Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Zainab Dares Keitta To Touch Her B00bs On Stage

Strange things happened last Saturday November 17, 2012 at the 4syte TV Music Video Awards in Ghana. Derrick Kwabena Bonney a.k.a DKB who was on stage to present an award and used the opportunity to inform Ghanaians and the whole of Africa of his reconciliation with Zainab. “I am officially announcing that my sister Zainab and I have just reconciled and now we are best of friends” he said.

He went on to propagate his advocacy against gender violence and also used the opportunity to publicize his upcoming campaign and new comedy show which according to him is titled ‘Nothing Personal’.

Interestingly Zainab was on the same stage to also present an award with her ‘lover boy’ Keitta and she didn’t mention her supposed reconciliation with DKB but rather dared Mildred a.k.a Eazzy's boyfriend Keitta to touch her breasts on stage which he sarcastically refused.

Zainab and the host of ‘Friday Madness’ on Pravda Radio, DKB have come together as friends as they used to be before the sad slapping saga. Zainab arrived in Ghana before the awards ceremony and had the chance of being on DKB’s show on last Friday night of which the host DKB again used the opportunity to apologize to her.

Zainab is still in Ghana and is not too clear if she would wait to join DKB’s campaign against gender violence, however DKB mentioned in an interview that, Ghana should expect something grand than what he started. “It will be across the whole of Africa and it will make a lot of sense to people as we were victims of it, making our account short of $200,000.”

Zainab will make a guest appearance in the music video for Keitta’s hit single “One Boxer” which will be shot on location this week.

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