Saturday, December 08, 2012

Goldie Denies Secret Affair With Prezzo - Video

Nigerian singer and Big Brother StarGame celebrity representative, Goldie has denied rumours that she is having a secret affair with Kenyan rapper and fellow ex-housemate Prezzo.

The news comes after rumourmills went abuzz that the two even got married secretly and are just hiding their relationship. Goldie has dismissed all these claims... check out the video below...


  1. Goldi not all that glitters is Gold...Prezz potrayed himsef as Mr wealthy and perfect. Where is the wife and child he bragged about??? If they left him ask youeself why?? Not often a woman leaves the father of her child!

    1. a deceiver like presso dont deserve goldie, i just hope goldie knows wat she is doing and dont regret like in d bigbrother game.

  2. ohhhh enof of the Prezzo tingi, whethr he decievd her or nt. who really cares. she is jst a drama queen and thats what she gets for loosing focus etc. prezzo got scnd prize.she got none. who really lost here?

  3. Let prezzo go back to his wife and kids.