Friday, December 07, 2012

No Tatiana At Music-On-The-Cat-Walk Night

Last Friday night turned out to be a great disappointment for fans of Big Brother Africa reality TV show ex-housemate Tatiana Durao of Angola as she did not appear at the Music on The Cat Walk launch party hosted at President Hotel in Gaborone.

Many were eager to see the starlet in person only to get disappointed after it was announced that she had problems that hindered her from entering the country. According to Chere, the owner and founder of Kiss Entertainment who hosted the show,Tatiana was looking forward to attending the show but they were informed that the starlet and her manager had to enter the country with a Visa. He said that he applied for the visa on Tuesday knowing that it only takes a day for it to be issued.

"I was greatly disappointed to find out that even today the visa was not yet ready. Tatiana and her manager are stuck in South Africa as they cannot enter the country without a visa. They were looking forward to coming here. Air Botswana has sponsored us with their flight tickets but there is nothing we can do now except wait and make sure that everything is in place in the next event as the Music on The Cat Walk does not end here," he said showing the tickets and visa application receipt.The show was reduced from P200 to P100 as Chere said he does not want his organisation to have a bad reputation. He said that he was greatly disappointed and sorry that the event did not go according to their plans.

The event that was supposed to start off at 8pm but started some hours late as the music, podium and other preparations were not in place. Chere said that this was caused by the conference meeting that ended late and hindered them from setting things up in time. He promised that the next event will be much better as everything will be put in place before guests arrive and that next time Tatiana will be there.

By Nnasaretha Kgamanyane / MmegiOnline

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