Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Malonza, Alex And Prezzo Dish Out BBA Tips

Be open, confident and be yourself. That’s the advice offered to anyone interested in contesting for a bed in Big Brother’s house this year.

As MultiChoice rolled out the chance to apply online (entry forms available at on Tuesday, the Kenyan brothers, who contested last year say that the best way to ace the auditions is being open-minded, interesting, and natural.

Loverboy Malonza Chege, who had the girls swooning in Downville, said a love for the show is an added advantage.

“You have to be open, interesting, and captivating in order to stand out during the auditions,” he said. “By being in the house I can tell you that something which also really helps, is if you go there knowing you really want to be in the show. Don't just shrug and take the audition because you can. Having that attitude will give you drive... and lastly have fun!”

Malonza, who was involved in a bit of a love triangle in BBA StarGame, adds that if he had a magic wand, he would have changed the way he nominated housemates while in the house.

“I’d say that when nominating, since you can’t see what’s happening on the outside, contestants have to think hard and strategise so that they maximise their chances of staying in the game.”

Malonza’s brother Alex was of the same mind saying, however, that the girls should dress as they would usually and not as if they were about to step into a night club.

“I wouldn’t change anything about how I played the game, but I have made an observation. The people who do well are somewhat dominant. They lead rather than follow while in the house. That’s a key point to note,” said Alex, who bore the brunt of negative publicity for putting up his compatriot Prezzo for possible eviction.

Journalist and BBA fan John Makau meanwhile is hoping that there will be fewer housemates this year.

“I think there should be one housemate per country rather than two. They should also alter the voting system so it’s as simple as possible,” he said.

Prezzo intimated that anyone in the house must realize that they are being watched.

“It’s a reality show. They can never forget that it’s a reality show. Even if they are being real, they have to think of things from a viewers’ point of view. You have to be entertaining and outstanding. If you’re male think of the female viewers and vice versa.”

By Laura Walubengo / DStv Online

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