Saturday, January 12, 2013

Millicent, The Reality TV Star Turned Politician Fears For Her Life

Former Big Brother Africa Amplified housemate, Millicent Mugadi who is vying for a political seat in Ziwani as a county representative has revealed that she fears for her life.

Millicent said that over the past few weeks she has noticed a number of men who have been trailing her and also witnessed the same men disrupt her community meetings with Ziwani constituents.

"I would like to appeal to political parties to provide security for their candidates. Some of my rival contestants have been sending people to my meetings to heckle and disrupt the meeting. They have also removed and torn up my posters. All this is done to intimidate me but I will not give up," Millicent said.

She added, "As the strongest candidate on ground and a woman I have a right to campaign freely my constitution allows. It's important for security to be put up to protect strong women like me on ground."

Millicent who grew up in Ziwani estate, Nairobi said she is passionate about preserving the culture of the area and has on several occasions spoken out about the land grabbing that is rampant in the area.

By Grace Kerongo / The Star - Kenya

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