Monday, February 11, 2013

Mampi Arrives In Uganda Ahead Of Her Valentine's Concert

Zambian singer Mariam Mukape popularly known as Mampi has arrived for her Valentine’s 'Swilili' concert slated for Thursday at Hotel Africana.

She landed at Entebbe Airport at 9:30am with show organizer and Eagles Production manager Musa Kavuma. She came with her manager and two queen dancers.

Mampi and her manager, boarded Ugandan singer Bobi Wine’s car & drove them in a 20-car convoy from Entebbe to Hotel Africana where she will stay for at least a week.

Along Entebbe road the convoy was interrupted several times in some places by excited fans who wanted to catch a glimpse of the star.

The former Zambian Big Brother Africa StarGame representative, whose two songs ‘Swilili’ and ‘Why’ have taken Uganda by storm promised to record a song in Luganda to maintain her local Uganda fan base and to do several collaboration projects with Ugandan artistes.

“The last time I came to Uganda few people would notice me but today I am like a hero; I would like to maintain my fan base here and I promise to do a Luganda song with any willing local artiste,” said Mampi.

She said that she will entertain her fans on Valentine’s Day and that she will give her all for her fans. She will hold a press briefing tomorrow at 10am.

Credit: Isaac Baligema / New Vision

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  1. Not a single lady welcomed her...why are all those pot bellied horny men there, lol..welcome to UG Mampilicious 'Mawanvu'..we love u and we cant wait to be at your show!!!