Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Reasons To Enter Big Brother Africa 8 2013

The deadline for season eight of Big Brother Africa is just two days away and if you’re still unsure about entering, we’ll help you make up your mind with these five fabulous reasons to enter…

There’s a bigger chance of finding love in a confined space than on any social network platform. And if you’re really serious, Biggie will throw in a lavish wedding, and millions of guests. Just remember how romantic it all was for the couple who tied the knot on TV, Namibia’s Meryl and Tanzania’s Mwisho.

It makes the world go round and can buy you most things nowadays. I mean, who would reward you with $300 000 dollars just for waking up and playing yourself or at least pretending to be yourself? Come on, that’s way better than having to get though a day’s work, which still doesn’t guarantee you that much money in such a short space of time.

Most people have to prove themselves at something first - acting, singing, dancing, or something as extreme as going to the moon or climbing the highest mountain - before they acquire this status. With Big Brother you just have to enter in time and show up!

Free food and accommodation
Thanks to inflation, the cost of living keeps hiking up, if one is not paying for this they are paying for that. Biggie’s house is just about the only place where you get to live for free, and eat and drink merrily without forking out a penny…sounds like the good life, right?

The wealth of opportunity that being in the Big Brother house presents is just priceless! From meeting mega celebrities - Kenyan Housemate, Prezzo met Jay-Z thanks to last season’s ONE campaign – to the chance to travel, sometimes Biggie decides to put his housemates on an exchange programme like he did sending Uganda’s Gaetano to the UK and Zimbabwe’s Munya to Finland.

Did I mention the attention? Most Big Brother alumni are household names in the film and TV industry because of the Big Brother launchpad.

There’s lots you can do really, but you’ll only find out how big the scope is after you’ve entered. Entries close on Thursday 14 February 2013 at midnight. Fill in the entry form from the Big Brother Africa site now.

via Africa Magic


  1. Wow hop am picked i realy nid da cash u know.

  2. I have to be picked or else africa will miss out on miss wonderfull

  3. Wow... That's cool. Yea I have already filled the form online and I hope to be picked. Cos Africa is gonna fill me big time. *happy face*

  4. I'm all for the fame and finding love, sure hope I make the shortlist. *fingerscrossed*