Sunday, April 28, 2013

Why I Love Nigerian Men - Vimbai

Vimbai Mutinhiri, born and raised in Zimbabwe, a graduate of politics, philosophy and economics, was one of the housemates on the 6th edition of the Big Brother Africa game-show in 2011, which had Karen Igho as winner. Recently, the pretty entertainer copped a job as co-host of the 1st edition of Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards, alongside IK Osakioduwa, in Lagos, Nigeria. In an interview with Adeoye Keme Arubayi, she expressed her thoughts about Nigeria and a couple of projects to be expected from her soon.

How would you describe yourself as a person and not the public figure?

Well, I am a very quiet and reserved person. I spend a lot of time at home with my DVDs and I’m crazy about good jazz music. I’m simple, loving, never take any moment for granted and always give everything my best.

What was life before Big Brother Africa (BBA) 6 like?

Life before Big Brother Africa was normal, I guess. I had just graduated from the university, started modelling and was trying to carve out a career in entertainment for myself before the opportunity came. I was just a normal young lady with big dreams.

What were your experiences in the BBA house?

Experiences in the Big Brother Africa House changed my life in so many ways. It was a unique experience living with people from different parts of the continent. I met new people, learnt new cultures, but most importantly I learnt a lot about myself. Basically, I could say I found myself, because there was so much pressure making it necessary that you defined yourself, in order to be noticed in the crowd.

What have you been up to after BBA and before AMVCA?

I now co-host a daily entertainment news show called Star Gist on Africa Magic Entertainment. I have been busy with it for over a year and it has been fantastic learning more about the African continent and its beautiful celebrities. This show is my life because it is my greatest passion.

How did you come about the AMVCA job and what was your reaction on getting it?

Honestly, I just received an email one day telling me that I had been chosen to host the event with IK. It was just before my birthday, so it was the perfect birthday present, and a wonderful blessing. I remained surprised until the very moment the show started.

What was it like co-hosting the AMVCAs with IK Osakioduwa?

It was a great because IK is so experienced in the industry, making it a great challenge to step up to his level and complement him on the stage. I learned a lot and I grew so much and he made that happen by making it easy and fun to handle. I’m glad I got to share the experience with him.

Have you done any major job apart from AMVCA?

I have hosted a number of major events in my home country, Zimbabwe, but certainly nothing of this magnitude. This was my second major experience in live broadcasting, the first being the hosting of the red carpet for Big Brother Star Game Finale. The AMVCA is a major career highlight for me.

What are we to expect from you in the nearest future?

Wow. Well the best is yet to come. I have a Nollywood movie coming out in the next couple of months featuring Denrele Edun and Bryan Okwara which I am very excited about. But other than that, I would say: watch this space because there are many more surprises coming from me.

What are your views on Nigeria as a country and its citizens?

Nigeria is one of the warmest nations I have ever visited in my life. The people are unique and I love their strong personalities. With every visit to Nigeria, I learn why Nigerians are some of the most successful people in the world.

What do you love most about Nigeria?

I thoroughly enjoy the Lagos nightlife, and of course the delicious food. I love suya and some great seafood dishes also.

Would you marry a Nigerian, if possible?

Certainly, Nigerian men are fine gentlemen.

Are you in any intimate relationship currently?

No, I am currently single.

Describe your dream man?

My dream man is caring, loving, patient with me even when I get dramatic and hyperactive. He should be able to encourage me when I am down and inspire me to grow. My dream man is the man who will always bring out the best in me and spoil me rotten, of course.

How do you balance relationship and work?

I think that everything has its season. When I step into a relationship, my man will respect the demands of the industry that I have chosen. Of course, a successful relationship is built on support and compromise, so I will always make sure that my man has his rightful place in my life.

Do you have religious backing in your career?

Nothing is possible without the hand of the almighty, so I commit every single thing in my life to him every morning when I open my eyes. I believe that I have only travelled this far in my career because God’s grace and favour are over me. Without his hand, I would be nothing and nobody.

Give me an inspirational quote that appeals to you and tell me why?

His grace is enough for me. That appeals to me the most because it is the testimony of my life.

By Adeoye Keme Arubayi / The Nation NG


  1. Idiot like u vimbai, u so much hate karen then now u love nigeria... Mitschewwww park well we no like u

  2. Welcome to Nigeria Vimbai. We are God's Own People,so we love you.From the lesson you learnt so far,educate others not to hate or condemn others as they could be source of their happiness tomorrow

  3. You go girl. This is only the beginning. Show them what we African women are made up of. I do envy you.

  4. Vimbai, wow! Who will believe that you would end up in Nigeria? Thank you have learnt your lessons. We are all Africans.