Sunday, May 19, 2013

BBA Co-winner, Wendall Parson Arrested For Fraud

Police last night confirmed the arrest of former Big Brother Africa Amplified co-winner Wendall Parson in connection with a US$25 000 car insurance scam. Police spokesperson Superintendent Andrew Phiri disclosed that Parson (25) was picked up on Friday.

The BBA star is suspected to have forged documents as he lodged an insurance claim after being involved in accident while driving his Ford Ranger on March 16 this year.

It is suspected that the car was not insured when Parson crashed it as he travelled from Bulawayo.

The reality show star, in a bid to have the car replaced, is said to have gone on to insure the car, two days after the accident, with Alliance Insurance Company.

Parson is alleged to have subsequently tried to claim US$25 000 from the insurance company using details of an accident that occurred before he took out the insurance.

Superintendent Phiri disclosed that Parson is still in custody and is expected to appear in court soon.

“I can confirm that we have arrested Wendall Parson on allegations of lodging a false insurance claim with Alliance Insurance Company.

“On 16 March this year the accused, travelling in a Ford Ranger from Bulawayo, had an accident, he then insured the same vehicle on 18 March and tried to claim an amount of US$25 000 as insurance for the vehicle.

“Alliance then got suspicious and launched an investigation which led to his arrest,” he said.

By Harmony Agere / Sunday Mail


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