Sunday, May 26, 2013

Biguesas From Angola

Age: 29
Country: Angola
Occupation: Student

Biguesas from Luanda is single and doesn’t have any children. He describes himself as “handsome, intelligent, extroverted, playful and talkative”. He values sincerity in others and says if he wins the grand prize, he’ll share some of the money with his family, donate some, pay for university and buy a house. He’s also excited by the prospect of fame, as he’s always wanted to be a TV presenter.

His favourite foods are ‘pap’, hamburgers and fries. Biguesas says the best thing about Africa is the fauna & flora and his favourite place outside of Angola is Pretoria in South Africa. Biguesas says he is proud to be finishing University soon, a first for his family of 9 siblings.


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