Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bimp From Ethiopia

Age: 23
Country: Ethiopia
Occupation: Student

Bimp is from Addis Ababa sees himself as “honest, loyal, dependable and responsible” and says his family are excited to see him on TV. If he wins the big prize, he’d like to open a club or bar in Addis Ababa and triple the money! He’d love to travel and start a TV series about his adventures. Bimp is looking forward to gaining and sharing experiences on Big Brother.

He says the best thing about Africa is the people, who he describes as “friendly, fun, welcoming and loving”.

He hopes that Africa learns something from watching him 24/7. He wants to represent his country and continent well and do them proud.


  1. Unesly,
    frankly, sincerely speaking Bimp is the real Game, the Ethiopian Guy is Africans vote fo him and shame the devil. Tnk u all.

  2. My vote for bimp !

  3. Team Bimp, all the way

  4. team bimp!!!!!

  5. go get that money ethio boy!!!

  6. Im proud of you Bimp. Keep up the good work. Please kick that stupid girl- betty if you see her around.