Friday, May 31, 2013

Denzel & Neyll Swapped To The Ruby House, Melvin & Hakeem To The Diamond House

For the first Big Twist in The Chase, Big Brother told the Housemates that  two of them were to switch Houses after the Airtel Arena showdown Task.

Housemates earlier on this evening had a competition from which the Head of House from the winning side was to choose two Housemates of the 14 who were to be swapped for the other two from the other House.

After the Diamond House, taking the pride, the ball was in Feza’s hands and she had to decide who was to leave and join the Diamond House.

After getting to see who were in the Ruby House, Feza took her time to think and decide who she had to get rid of and the ones she had to welcome.

At first Feza had chosen Denzel and  Betty but after a while of thinking she changed her mind and replaced Betty with Neyll. She then had ti swap the duo with Ruby’s Hakeem and Melvin. This implies that Denzel and Neyll are to leave the Diamond house for Ruby  as Melvin and Hakeem are to join the Diamonds.

It was a murky atmosphere in the Diamond House where all this drama was taking place as the already clued Betty was speechless thinking about what was to happen next.

To the side of the swapped Housemates, it Denzel looked cool with Feza’s decision though his fellow housemate Neyll seemed hurt and affected.

What do you think is going to happen next in both Houses?

By Deogratius09


  1. nxaaaaaaaaah,,,hakeeeem and malvin shudnt have left the ruby

  2. Hakeem&Melvin shouldn't av left ruby hauz.I hope Ruby hauz wins d next task and get to decide to bring them back

  3. Sorry guyz dnt blame Feza, she did wht biggie tld her n tht is the game,

  4. Osuala courage onyekachiMay 31, 2013, 8:08:00 PM

    Feza just spoilt the game for me... And its obvious cleo doesn't have sincere feelings for hakeem. She is not even feeling his absence.. I pray melvin and hakeem finds their way in diamond house!

  5. It's pity Hakeem and Melvin had to be swaped

  6. Shame to Hakeem and Melvin I'm cryn 4 dem

  7. Melvin u rock jor

  8. Do not blame Feza she is was just following instructions of biggie