Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Diary: The Guilty, The Joyous and 'Mr Cool'

The Chase Housemates’ first Diary sessions were filled with a mix of emotions ranging from joy, to guilt to indifference.

Ruby Head of House, Beverly was the most visibly emotional Housemate of all the Rubies. She got choked up when Biggie asked her about decision to save Bassey from the Eviction gallows and replace him with Natasha. “It’s not that I don’t like her, I have nothing against her,” the Nigerian dame insisted.

Bassey, who has no idea that he has been replaced in the list of Eviction Nominees by Natasha, dished to Biggie about how he feels about the Malawian. “Natasha is a control freak. She is most likely to have clashes in the House,” he declared. But he was quick to clarify to Biggie that despite her mother hen ways he has bears no ill feelings towards her and that he does get along with her and all of the other Housemates.

Cleo was in a jovial mood during her diary session, she told Biggie that despite the fact that she did not come into the House with a strategy to win, she still believes that she will make it to the top. “I believe the money is mine,” she boasted.

The usually charming, Melvin played 'Mr Cool' and remained uncharacteristically subdued during his session and did not have much to say about his first few days in the Big Brother House.

What do you think of Melvin playing it cool and do you agree with Bassey that Natasha is a control freak?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Yeah the way i saw her in da kitchen she dóes look like the control freak.

  2. 9jas always try to impress. can't believe he was th 1 jumping on stage but nw is calm.Melvin be real oh.

  3. Its normal 4 her to control cos she is an organizer,u can't organize wit controlling pple its natural. About Melvin Naija no dey carry last he knows what he is doing