Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Diary: Natasha's Ill Chase

Natasha’s colourful personality is usually a ray of sunshine in the House. But this evening the Ruby lass appeared a lot more subdued than usual during her Diary session and now we know why.

When pressed by Biggie to reveal what was getting her down, the Malawian disclosed her battle with health issues over the past few days. “My blood pressure has been high since Sunday,” she shared. The young entrepreneur divulged that she has been visited by a doctor in the House who warned her that her blood pressure was too high. She also shared that she had been having regular headaches.

Biggie was quick to let her know that her health issues would continue to be monitored and attended to. He also consoled her, saying: “Housemates’ well-being is very important to Big Brother”.

What has recently come to light is that this is not the Malawian’s first health scare. Yesterday morning she had a heartfelt one on one with Oneal where she disclosed that she had faced depression after her father passed when she 15.

The Tswana gent encouraged her to stay motivated and to focus on finding a balance mentally and emotionally. His motivational words seemed to have worked as she was her usual vibrant self for the rest of the day.

Natasha was also in higher spirits today after the Diary session, let's hope she stays that way.

By Lihle


  1. Biggy pls send this lady back to malawi, the chase is for the people who can chase and not for the weak people like natash