Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Diary Sessions: Pénis Avatars and Kisses

It's unanimous! The Diamond Housemates are loving this week's Task.

It would seem cupid has been working overtime in the Diamonds House. Kenya's Huddah revealed with a straight face in her Diary Session that she wouldn't mind getting a kiss from Bolt, Angelo or "anyone confident enough".

According to Kenya's Annabel, the blame should be placed squarely on Big Brother's shoulders. "The Task has really changed the mood in the House Biggie. There is so much flirting going on and people are getting closer. All the girls feel special," she said. Annabel revealed how the ladies decided to make an effort with their appearance today because the boys are being so nice.

When asked who in particular he is getting close to, Bolt said "Betty and a few others". We wonder who "the others" could be. Annabel, perhaps? Annabel, on the other hand had a lot to say about Denzel, who she described as quirky, weird and funny. "The prop for his avatar is his ding-a-ling", she said, referring to the Ugandan's penis. "He's special".

All the Housemates seemed to agree that a Wager win on Thursday evening is guaranteed, with the exception of Angelo. “People are not focused on the Task. They are just chilling in the Jacuzzi. I’m a bit worried,” he said.

By Ngeti Dlamini

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