Friday, May 31, 2013

Feature: Anticipated Couples To Emerge In The Chase

Entertainment, arguments, cat fights, excitement, gossip, eviction stress, all these provide footage which is worth an eyebrow raise; what spices up the Big Brother show like nothing is the Love and Romance.

Happy are this year’s contestants (chasers)  who have met beautiful creatures… The chics are super hot and the dudes, are too handsome to avoid for the 91 days! This gives us anticipations on what will happen in the Love ground…. Sooner or later we are to see romance, bromances and showmance developing.. If not yet, but I hope we have already got the first dosage….According to me, these are the couples   I see coming in the chase’s near future.

Bolt and Betty (Boltty)

Oh these are already official! Was I late  to tell you? Hope not,…. The Seirra Leone Bolt has already bolted Ethiopia’s Betty in his arms and we don’t see her getting out unless something Bigger(Bigger like evictions)  puts them  apart!  The twosome have already confessed to Biggie and  Africa that they have something for each other….Only sweet lines have been said by these two about each other and if I’m tell you  they have already released some and enjoyed some Big packages, I really mean BIG!…Oh I almost forgot to tell you that this relationship is guaranteed if Betty survives the forthcoming eviction, but if she is ousted, Bolt will have to  find himself.

Denzel and Dillish

Ha, this is a little bit problematic! This Ugandan nerdy comedian seems to be unstable and he might lose so many good things. This is what I mean; Firstly the Guy had attractions for Betty but because of his funny  and kidding ways, a fast and serious Bolt snatches her away from him. Now he’s telling us that he has a thing for the Namibian beauty but because he hasn’t unleashed it yet, someone might as well take her. We saw her and Nando enjoying a tub together and if I’m to follow my instincts, the lass wants Elikem! Then I don’t know what will happen next….I just wish the nerdy entertainer makes a first move. Oh but if Denzel gets evicted on Sunday, he will go with his feelings.

Elikem and Feza

This one is still hidden in the envelope but will soon be opened. The Tanzanian likes the Ghanaian lad and she is trying everything possible till the guy will realise it. This would have been a done deal, hadn’t been hard for ladies to make the first move. Feza made and incredible move when she saved Elikem from the nomination block.  She did this out of her love for the guy and we hope it will go to the next level.

LK4 and Koketso

This guy who is towering all the Housemates seems to be a real  gentleman-slow but sure. He has already confessed that he likes the  South African entrepreneur and law student. He has been seen couple of times chilling with the lass and the duo seem to enjoy each other’s company… Let’s hope that it will come out eventually.

Hakeem and Cleo

This Zimbabwean dude is handsome and I believe all chics have an eye for him. However, in a few days from now he might be ” Already taken” as he is trying to hot Zambia’s Cleo as yesterday night these two spent some reasonable time trying to know each other really deep. Let’s hope things will move on quite well for them.

Angelo and Annabel

I see this couple too coming soon due to the fact that the Kenyan beauty likes the guy so much. She confessed that she finds Bolt and Angelo cool and she really likes them.Unfortunately of the two it’s only Angelo left as Bolt belongs to a jealousy Betty who doesn’t even want to see any girl getting closer to him.

Biguesas and  Natasha

This quiet Angolan lad might  be induced to love Mama Natasha as she seems to enjoy his company and stay around him. If this happens, I’ll reserve my comments because…… no comment.

Well that is what I have in mind, what bout you, who do you see hotting who?

By Deogratius09

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