Monday, May 27, 2013

Feature: Are They Faking It Or Not?

It’s the first night in the Big Brother The Chase House and obviously, the Housemates are just pretending. Call me a hater but I can already see through them.

Some were trying to be funny, others were trying to sound smart while there were those who thought they were hotter than hot cakes – it won’t be long till those shells start cracking.

On the flip side though, could we be getting ahead of ourselves just because we can’t wait for action and drama?

In true Big Brother style, Biggie was kind enough to serve the best bubbly with hors d'oeuvres just so the Housemates could settle in and it didn’t take them long to start forming cliques.

Settled in the two different Houses; Rubies and Diamonds, the Housemates’ conversations quickly moved from getting to know each other to something else that I don’t even have a name for.

Why were some Housemates busy talking ‘sense’ while free alcohol was being passed around? What happened to keeping the conversation casual and just sticking to the basics? Instead of getting to know their competitors in The Chase for the coveted USD 300 000 and working on their strategies to snatch this prize, they persistently spoke about I don’t know what.

In Rubies, Sierra Leone’s Bassey broke the ice with his frisky dance moves after being prompted by Zimbabwe’s Pokello to “shake what his mama gave him”. As if that was not enough, Zambia’s Cleo put her best foot forward and rendered a few captivating Rap bars much to the delight of her new Housemates. “I’ve been singing since I was four and rapping since I was 11,”Cleo explained to an astonished Natasha (Malawi).

In the Diamonds House, South Africa’s Angelo seemed to be enjoying the warmth of Tanzania’s Feza’s hands as he could not let go of her. With arms intertwined on the black leather couch in the lounge, the two seemed comfortable with each other. Could something be brewing here? Perhaps that’s why the guys in Diamonds started measuring ‘themselves’ against the cucumber just so they could secure their territory.

While all this was going on, there were those girls that just sat pretty in their little corners sipping on bubbly, we see you! One thing is true, there is no formula to winning Big Brother The Chase so with or without a strategy, Africa will make their decision.

Can the masks come off already! Thanks to Biggie for reminding the Housemates of the importance of getting to know each other as they will be expected to nominate each other tomorrow (Monday).

By Lindiwe Nkonyane