Sunday, May 26, 2013

Feature: How To Win Big Brother Africa

The Big Brother House is a personality junkyard of sorts. It takes a really special person to navigate these treacherous waters where backstabbing, drama, sex, gossip and tears reign supreme.

Surviving being under house arrest with complete strangers – for 91 days – certainly deserves a back massage and a million or two. If we had a dollar for every time a Housemate professed “I have no strategy”, many of us would be sitting on billions.

Honestly, what does it take to win the game? Controversy or a laid back approach? Does a strategy hold you in good stead in the race to glory, or is taking every day as it comes the best approach? We take a look at previous BBA winners and chronicle how they successfully played the greatest game in Africa.

Keagan – The South African pulled off a major coup last Season. He got the girl and the money! Lucky guy! Keagan manoeuvred in the background, being a guy’s guy and generally getting along with everyone. He revelled in his reputation as the House clown and pulled pranks with great aplomb. Unfortunately, a lot of his fellow Housemates only started seeing him as a threat a little too late. Keagan won ‘Head Of House’ a record six times, without breaking so much as a sweat. This helped him play a strategic game where he utilised the power of immunity HOH afforded him, to full effect. In the last two weeks of the Season, he emerged as an unlikely Don Juan, sweeping Zambia’s Talia off her feet. This is the same Talia who already had a thing going with another Housemate, Angola’s Seydou. Smooth!

Karen – The salacious little spitfire from Nigeria was a clear contender for the cash from the start. She was sweet and vulnerable like a child one moment and would turn fierce and moody like the wind the next. Karen struck up a thick-as-thieves type of relationship with South Africa’s Luclay, which provided ample entertainment for fellow Housemates and viewers alike. Karen’s sartorial tastes are well documented, with preferance being given to tiny dresses and kitten heels. The Nigerian had no gumption showing off her goods and her ample cleavage (which was constantly on prominent display, naturally) sparked a round of intense gossip in the House. “They’re fake!” Kim from Zambia said. Fake or not, Karen and her breasts left the House USD 200 000 richer

Wendall – The Zimbabwean steered clear of controversy. Nibbles (as he was affectionately known) didn’t try to upset the apple cart too much and pretty much kept a low profile till Day 91. It clearly worked for him because when his popularity was tested, Africa voted him Amplified champion, alongside Nigeria’s Karen, leaving South Africa’s Luclay (one of the strongest contenders) reeling. Maybe being loud and obnoxious isn’t the way to go?

Uti - Nigeria's Uti pranced about the Big Brother House like the king of the castle and eventually edged out Zimbabwe's Munya to the top spot, in an emotionally charged nail biter of a Finale. Uti was good looking, vain, funny and walked into the House clearly believing he had it in the bag. Confidence, kids! That's where it’s at. Uti's Diary Sessions were telling and gave a glimpse into his mind, as the game progressed. He critiqued and analysed his fellow Housemates, found their weak points, pushed for reactions and then backed away. Uti created a strong alliance with South Africa’s Lerato, Meryl, Sheila and Mwisho. He is one of the only Housemates who revealed his strategy - to play with his fellow Housemates minds. It will be hard to forget the last 24 hours before the Finale, which saw Zimbabwe's Munya crumble into a heap of tears as Uti subtly worked him and tried to rile him up. That’s how you play the game!

It will be more than interesting to see how Big Brother The Chase pans out! Good luck to all our Housemates!

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By SereNgeti

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