Friday, May 17, 2013

Karen Igho Shares More Bikini Photos [Look]

After feasting your eyes... what do you think.. Hot?


  1. Not Yet, almost there

  2. kareen if u neva knw wu hot na well dem dey throw am put xo dat he go core

  3. 1.Masculine
    3.Strong legs
    4.Dirty skin
    Conclusion:me no likey!

    1. stupid idiot. let's see what you look like

  4. Here's how I see it: God has made it possible for you to hit the limelight, why don't you do something inspirational, something that actually makes a difference, something that inspires the young and upcoming generation, something that depicts some relevant degree of iQ, something that'll get the young girls thinking...oh yeah, thanks Karen, a hungry child...thanks Karen! Take the opportunity to make a positive difference while you can...I am not saying gather a bunch of hungry looking kids and take photo with them and a massive cheque in the background (My Charity) but something small and yet significant! Thanks, Karen. I'd like to think you have talent (tho never seen any production of yours) and can be creative.