Sunday, May 26, 2013

Koketso From South Africa

Age: 26
Country: South Africa
Occupation: Entrepreneur

Johannesburg-born Koketso is an entrepreneur, currently studying towards a Law degree. She enjoys eating “most African dishes, but to watch my weight I eat Thai for indulgence.

Koketso says the best thing about Africa is its potential – “It’s like a young bright kid with endless possibilities”. Her favourite place in South Africa is Coffee Bay and away from home, Dakar, citing it as the only place outside of South Africa she has felt at home.

Koketso entered Big Brother because of her “new-found fearlessness”. “I am now not afraid to take risks and live my life for me,” she says. “I wanted to see how far I can take this. I needed a new challenge and I wanted something to help me build a brand I can capitalise on”.

She says she’s nervous to have the continent’s eyes on her. If she wins the USD 300 000, she’ll start her foundation for young girls in her township and explore investment opportunities in other African countries.


  1. u sound like a gud person but u 2 quit

  2. Koketso hot in person babe,I underated you but you start to exceed my expectation!