Monday, May 27, 2013

Live Updates: Day 1

20:25 - Feza saves Elikem and replaces him with her first choice, Betty.

20:18 - Beverly saves Bassey and Nominates Natasha.

20:14 - Beverly is called into the Ruby House Diary Room to make her save and replace on Bassey or Selly.

19:30 - The Nomination Show is now live on Africa Magic Entertainment.

18:50 - The Diamond House is filled with sounds of chanting and primal instruments as the Housemates enjoy the fire.

18:11 - The fire alarm sounds in the Diamond House while the contestants are arguing about the best practices in emergencies.

17:37 - The fire alarm goes off, marking the beginning of the Head of House Task.

17:27 - Beverly reads out the Head of House Task to her Ruby Housemates.

16:48 - Angelo impresses his Housemates with his dance moves and beat-boxing.

16:26 - Tanzania's Feza is now the Head of the Diamond House.

16:22 - The Head of House Task begins.

16:15 - Angelo reads the first Head of House Task.

15:46 - The Housemates discuss relationships and attraction but Denzel refuses to say which Housemate he has a crush on. He says back home, he has four girlfriends waiting for him.

15:30 - Annabel shares a touching story of how she lost her father. "I didn't believe my father was gone until I saw the flowers on his coffin,' she says.

15:13 - Denzel is laying his ‘charm’ on thick. Lying down beside Betty he says: “Imagine our kids. They would be supermodels, the next Jade and Willow Smith.” After which, Betty says she wants to jump into the Jacuzzi, Denzel says they should go in naked. Hmmm…could something be brewing between the two?

14:53 - Diamond House Nominations:

Huddah - 7 Nominations
Denzel - 6
Elikem - 4
Bolt, Annabel, Fatima, Neyll & Betty - 2
Dellish - 1

14:45 - Ruby House Nominations:

Selly and Bassey - 6 Nominations
Natasha and Hakeem - 3
Cleo and Bigeusas - 2
Oneal, Koketso, Beverly, Pokello, Maria & Sulu – 1

14:42 - 'I can strip but you gotta pay me! I'm a businessman.' - Denzel.

13:40 - Motamma is the first up to nominate 2 Housemates from the Diamond House. He nominates Elikem and Huddah.

13:25 - It seems Sulu may be having the most fun with this game of 'Spin The Bottle', leaning in for a drawn out kiss with Selly, while Koketso opts for a peck on Oneal's cheek.

13:16 - And we have our fisrt kiss of the Season! Selly just kissed Bigeusas.

12:25 - Housemates are fining the first Nominations of the Season very difficult. Many have said they have not had enough time to get to know each other well enough.

11:55 - Biggie asks Beverley to make her first Nomination of the Season. She nominates Ghana's Selly and Natasha from Malawi.

11:40 - Beverly entertains her Housemates with impersonations of her favourite Nollywood characters. Oneal figures she could have a future as an actress. He says: “You act just like them, you should do it, you’d kill it.”

11:15 - Oneal and Koketso share their stories of how contestants in the Season of Big Brother Africa this year away from their friends and local media.

11:00 - Nando says his dream is to kill a lion with his bare hands. He says: "I love not fearing anything. I only fear God...and my parents".

10:30 - Fatima, Angelo, Bimp enjoy a conversation in the sun while braaing some sweetcorn.

09:30 - After hours watching the fire at the Ruby House, Bigeusas, Maria and Sulu are still keeping the flames alive while Dellish and Betty prepare breakfast.


  1. wow Koketso... SA

  2. Debora mkandawireMay 27, 2013, 12:04:00 PM

    Gret guyz

  3. South Africa all the way

  4. I love e naija guy, Melvin!

  5. nando ur the guy and also densel

  6. Naija all D̶̲̥̅̊ way

  7. wawo Betty! she is the special one !

  8. huddah seems to b nominated more than others...go huddah it seems u mk thm uncomfortable the chase is ril beggining..

  9. the chase i on 4real. SA im wit u

  10. Zambia o da way

  11. Team zambia 4 cleo n sulu

  12. faze go girl be strong u r not going home.