Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Live Updates: Day 2

18:01 - Maria feels guilty for Nominating Selly.

18:35 - Diary Sessions continue in Ruby House and Selly is the most emotional.

18:01 - Maria feels guilty for Nominating Selly.

17:47 - "Be yourself" and "Be real" is trending in the Ruby Diary Room.

17:13 – Biggie hands Feza the Task for the day. She calls all Diamond Housemates indoors to read out how Tasks and Wagers will work from here on in.

16:47 - Pokello says she is gunning for the prize money because "losing is never my in plans."

16:27 – Hakeem says his strategy is to “be a distraction to others while paying attention to the details like gestures and reactions”. The Housemates who had their Diary Sessions earlier today have all said they do not have a strategy for the game.

16:07 - Koketso says she loves her fellow BBA Contestants. “Whatever process was used to select the Housemates was a good one because we all get along, we gel real well,” she told Biggie.

15:51 - Oneal and Koketso speak about how awkward it can be to buy condoms. The rest of the Housemates weigh in on whether women should carry condoms or not.

14:37 – Bassey, Bigeusas and Hakeem decide they will cook lunch today. On the menu: Pasta and a tomato sauce with meat.

14:20 - Pokello reads out how Tasks and Wagers will work each week. Ruby Housemates vote and agree to begin with a 50% wager on upcoming Tasks.

14:14 - Biggie calls all Housemates into the lounge and tells Beverly to join him in the Diary Room.

13:40 – Ruby Head of House, Beverly, says she is grateful to be in the Big Brother House. "Thanks Big Brother for bringing me here, I feel like I'm a winner already," she says.

13:10 - Cleo is first in the Diary Room. She says she is getting along well with her fellow countryman, Sulu, because he is “a typical Zambian guy, I just like him.”

12:43 - Ruby Housemates argue over Thursday's proposed 'No Clothes Day'. Koketso says the decision to wear nothing but underwear should not be based on a majority vote but rather must be a unanimous one to ensure that all Housemates are comfortable.

12:20 - Denzel comes to Fatima's rescue and gives her the massage she has been asking for.

11:50 - When asked to send a shout-out to his girlfriend back home, LK4 quotes a Lost Boys classic: "I'm in the mix, I'm in love with two women, I got two honeys on my arms And I don't wanna let none of them go."

11:28 - Elikem beat-boxes for Fatima and asks her to freestyle but she says, "no, Big Brother gotta pay for that".

11:05 - Biggie asks all Housemates to go into a bedroom and await further instructions.

11:00 - The Housemates speak about the best performers from their home countries.

10:25 - Natasha tells Oneal about her depression but says she does not want any sympathy from the Housemates. A supportive Oneal gives her a hug and good advice on how to deal with the condition.

10:00 - Ruby Housemates try to figure out where the Diamond House is. After hearing noises last night, they figure it may be closer than they think.

09:39 - Over breakfast the Housemates decide there should be a 'Broken English Day' and a 'No Underwear Day'.

09:00 Housemates are getting dressed and ready for Day 2 of Big Brother The Chase. Pokello says after applying her make up she always feels more confident.