Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Live Updates: Day 3

18: 45 - Maria and Nando got cosy with each other in the bathtub.

18: 28 - Hakeem dished to Big Brother about getting played by Natasha during her Diary session. "I will charm her into telling me about how she really feels," said the model.

17:50 - Pokello tells Biggie about her clash with Sulu. According to the Ruby lass other Housemates are feeling pressure to create fake romance's for their speed dating Task because Sulu told them that any Housemate who says that they do not have feelings for anyone is a pretender.

 17:00 – Maria is the first from the Ruby House to have her Diary Session. She tells Biggie about her argument with Natasha but assures him that they have settled the matter. “I try to avoid situations where it gets violent or nasty but we managed to sort it out and today we’re cool,” she said.

16:30 - “Biggie is like the Charlie of Charlie’s Angels, you never see him.” - Bassey

15:45 – Dillish tells Biggie she didn't mind having Denzel licking and sucking her toes. “I wasn't offended, I just laughed,” she says, “it was just weird.”

14:56 - “I wish to see a united Africa in my lifetime because I believe we can be a great and successful nation.” - Bimp

14:00 – Huddah says last night’s vodka shots and champagne really helped to reveal people’s personalities.

13:47 – “No matter where you are in the world, love brings people together.” – Angelo

13:35 – Motamma is the first in the Diary Room today. She says, “today was the first time going into the Jacuzzi naked…and ya, it was quite refreshing.”

13:00 - Annabel offers to help Angelo with washing the dishes. He asks, “Are you flirting with me?”

2:43 - Annabel says she does not like to be told she is pretty because of an abusive relationship she has had in the past. She shares her story of abuse with Feza, Bimp, Denzel and Neyll.

12:38 - Hakeem gets Housemates to join him in singing a Buju Banton hit ‘Destiny’ as they work on their sculptures for this week’s Task.

11:55 - Huddah and Annabel say Elikem’s character is beginning to grow on them. “I’ve actually grown to like Elikem,” says Huddah.

11:00 – Cleo says she wants to build a Queen of Hearts sculpture for this Task. When she presents it to the lucky guy, she wants to say: “I want to be the queen of your heart.”

10:43 - Angelo asks Feza, “so…what do you think about relationships?” She laughs and responds with, “I’m a lover…I gotta show someone all this love.”

10:30 - Ruby Housemates talk about the first nominations. Maria was surprised to see Bassey had been nominated. She said: “Like who nominates Bassey, that was the furthest thing from my mind.”

10:17 – Ruby House Contestants work on their task for the week. Maria’s hands are dirty so Bassey steps in to feed her.

09:33 – Sulu is worried that his Housemates will fail their Task. He feels they should be spending more time discussing ideas and preparing as a team.

09:20 - Oneal, Melvin, Sulu and Bassey talk about how Natasha can at times be offensive without realising.

09:00 – In Ruby House, Bassey helps Beverly with getting ready for the day as breakfast is served in the Diamond House.


  1. Seems Bassey is tryna hit on Beverly.
    Go Beverly you are my girl

  2. Its ok if Bassey n Beverly gets intimate

  3. maria u a the queen of africa!

  4. Natasha shud liv da house coz sh sim not 2 cop wit other housemate's!! Dats nt hme wer sh cam's 4rm