Thursday, May 30, 2013

Live Updates: Day 4

18:00 - The Housemates have one hour before the start of their Task Presentation.

17:17 - Head of House, Feza, reads out the details for tonight's Task Presentation.

16:55 - Huddah says Dillish thinks the Big Brother House is a 5-star hotel. After morning work-outs Dillish always sleeps and never helps with any work in the House.

16:18 – Nando is the first from the Diamond House to have his diary session today. He says preparing for the girls has left him so exhausted he needed to take a nap.

15:55 – LK4 says while he is being honest and open about his feelings he is also being very strategic. He says he’s keeping his options open but is not trying to make any enemies in the game.

15:20 – Pokello says she feels Koketso confiding in LK4 was just her way of trying to manipulate him into also giving her his gift. “You’d feel rejected if someone didn’t give you a gift after you gave them yours,” she says.

14:25 – Bassey shares an emotional story about an ex-girlfriend who broke his heart. He says he’s tired of looking for love and getting hurt, “I want to lay low now, I’m not trying to find love anymore, I’ll wait for it to find me,” he told Biggie.

14:00 – Natasha says she is not expecting a gift from anyone tonight but says if she receives one, she’ll accept it with “a beautiful and open heart like a friend.”

13:44 - Melvin tells Biggie he was disappointed that the Task is all about treating the women and nothing for the guys. All Big Brother said is response was: "Ah, but the Task is not over yet."

12:45 – Biguesas shows the rest of his Housemates pictures he brought from home while the girls start styling their hair for today’s lunch party.

12:25 – Annabel talks about the perks of not being in a relationship. She says: “I am happy coz I’m single. Whatever I do is about me…no one is holding me back.”

11:58 – Feza reads today’s Task to the Diamond House Contestants.

11:36 – Pokello says she it’s not strange that she doesn’t drink. Bassey joins in to say he too doesn’t drink anymore then jokes about how Nigerians drink the most.

11:30 – Natasha apologises to Koketso for a remark she made about her outfit last night that offended her. “Let us start over. I have nothing against you and don’t want to,” she says before hugging her.

11:10 – Biggie announces that the Task starts now. The men head to the garden to prepare.

10:50 - Pokello reads today’s Task. Biggie has decided to treat the ladies in the House to a late lunch hosted and prepared by the male Contestants.

10:40 – Beverly shares stories of witchcraft from back home with Melvin, Maria and Pokello. Maria says she doesn't believe the stories.

10:23 – Fatima gives a rendition of Solamian Hip Hop artist K’naan’s hit ‘Fatima’. Bolt and Bimp join in.

10:12 – Fatima and Bolt work on their avatars for this week’s Task. As usual he gets his Housemates to sing along to the tunes ringing in his head.

09:50 – Koketso whispers to Melvin about being shy during last night’s Speed Dating Task.

09:00 - While some Diamond Housemates get breakfast ready, Bimp offers to help Feza clean the bathroom.

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