Friday, May 31, 2013

Natasha Turns Spokesperson For The Rubies After The Swap

I don't have the exact word to describe her but someone might say that she is too much  or if not; “She like being in control”.

When the swapped Diamonds popped into the Ruby house, on top of her microphone, Malawi's rep and the residence's 'Mom' at the moment assumed the role of spokesperson. Natasha introduced each of Housemates to the new Rubies as if they couldn't do it!

She had to tell Denzel and Neyll who the other Housemates are, where they come from and what they do for a living! ….. to rate her score in this task; She earned it!

Anyway, I'm not against her character but I have to say that she likes the cameras! She's one Housemate we've realised so far who looks for  unnecessary footage and she eventually gets it.

Leaving the talking Natasha, the House seemed a little bit in a sombre state despite the new additions as the were thinking about the gone friends.

On the same note, Uganda’s LK4, seemed not happy  to be joined by a countryman  in the same house. We wonder whether this could affect his game plan which we are unaware of but we have to keep an eye.

Was this twist cool or not?

By Deogratius09


  1. It was coooooooooool!

  2. vote Selly cos she rocks de house.

  3. wow...melvin just ned 2 b care wit d girl....bcause dey were d 1 who mention his name

  4. Melvin nids to just put his mind in d game dats all#team melvin

  5. Vote for natasha coz she iz hamble ,lovly n beautiful fo that matter she is just natural mwaaaaaaa teamShezyiacavttee malawi

  6. Natasha likes to be relevant all times... Mitschewwwwww

  7. Why are you guys always complaining about Natasha's behaviours?i wonder why?but its very simple ;the game is clear and BBA is always watching....dont blame anyone ;mybe its their way to be on their own.plz be gentle

  8. shai don't worry Natasha will go back to her country. make she go sell her food n drink