Friday, May 31, 2013

New Twist: Two Housemates To Be Swapped!

Besides all the entertainment, fun, emotions, love, fights and others, the twits and turns in the Big Brother game make it worthy an eyebrow lift as speculations go high with both the  audience and Housemates waiting for what Biggie is cooking.

Five days in the game so far and only a day to the first eviction of the game, Big Brother has come up with a massive twist for the Housemates.

In the Arena, Biggie  has  arranged a competition between the two Houses (Ruby and Diamond) and the winning House  will have two of their Housemates swapped for  two others from the other House. This is to be done by the current Head of House from the Diary Room.

After the HOH's decision the swapped Housemates will be given 30 minutes to prepare and leave for their New  House. It has also been stipulated in the task brief that the swapped Housemates should they be Nominated for eviction, they'll remain and if not or if they survive, they will be immune in the next Nominations.

In the Diamonds House, Denzel and Betty have so far been  Feza's choices while Beverly hasn't yet decided in the Ruby.

This twist has created a murky atmosphere in both Houses as Housemates find it challenging to go and start a new life in another House after making friends and getting used to their original House.

What do you think will happen next and what is Biggie’s reason for this Big Twist?

By Deogratius09


  1. It appears feza does not like Betty one bit, after switching her with Eliakim now she wants her out of the house. I am sure Feza has her eyes on Bolt. Hmmmm!

  2. Biggie thts being unfare,wat if u seperate our love birds there wnt be any romance woah!!

  3. Bls biggie nt Betty

  4. Biggie that's not fair at all

  5. I like this,curious though! Biggie,what's your plan?

  6. That's the way @Biggie!! Spanner in the works!

  7. BBA always fUl of surpises