Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Neyll and Motamma Flirt!

What do we have here? Neyll, who has been keeping a bit of a low profile in the Diamond House seems to be smooth with the ladies, afterall.

The Angolan cornered Motamma in the lounge this afternoon and flirted up a storm with the sexy Tswana lass. Neyll started buttering Motamma up by telling her "you remind me of my mother, in the nicest possible way".

A pair of pliers wouldn't pry these two away from each other as they engaged in light, flirty conversation. When Neyll found out how good of a dancer Motamma is, he quickly jumped up and asked her to teach him a move or too.

The two then turned the lounge into a mini dance floor and moved in time to the sound of their own heartbeats. Every time Motamma turned to look the other way, Neyll couldn't help sneaking a peek at her booty. If these two keep flirting like this, then Motamma could just get the chance to hear Neyll singing her a love song in the shower soon. After his performance in the Diary Room last night, Motamma is in for a wild ride!

It seems a lot of the Housemates are testing the waters and have already started zoning in on their prey. During the Task Presentation tomorrow night, the Housemates are set to present their secret crushes with gifts. Should Motamma expect one from Neyll? We'll just have to wait and see!

By Ngeti Dlamini

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