Monday, May 27, 2013

Nominations: The Chase Gets Real

Just when the Housemates were starting to get acquainted, some even starting to like each other in a suspicious way, Nigeria’s Beverley was the first to nominate Housemates to be evicted.

The rest of the Housemates were left in deep thought about their own nominations. Others, like Bassey, carried on doing their own thing and tried not to think a lot about what would be going down in the Diary Room.

While most Chasers were not entirely confident with their nominations, the likes of Pokello and LK4 kept their choices simple and their reasons clear, showing that they’ve given a lot of thought to the Nomination Session.

The rest of Housemates’ reasons were rather personal and unacceptable to Biggie, in which case Biggie asked them to give alternative and relevant reasoning.

All Housemates, however, insisted that none of the nominations were ‘personal’.

Diamond House Nominations:

Huddah – 7 Nominations
Denzel – 6
Elikem – 4
Bolt, Annabel, Fatima, Neyll and Betty – 2
Dellish – 1

Ruby House Nominations:

Selly and Bassey - 6 Nominations
Natasha and Hakeem – 3
Cleo and Bigeusas – 2
Oneal, Koketso, Beverly, Pokello, Maria and Sulu – 1

By Bukelwa ‘BeeKay’ Nkungwana


  1. wow huddah is driving the other contestant crazy i like that.gud beggining.

    1. She won't be in the house nxt week jst for datoooo

  2. it's hopeful now lets keep on supporting

  3. bassey u wil make it to d 91 days, africa is supporting u al d way

  4. Beverly will surely being home