Monday, May 27, 2013

Nominations: The Rubies Have Their Say

With six nominations, the first person under the knife was Selly (Ghana), nominated by Beverly (Nigeria), saying that she was lazy and isolated herself when other Housemates were getting acquainted. Also sitting on six nominations was Bassey (Sierre Leone) who was accused of faking a lot of accents and couldn’t be trusted because nobody would know who he really is.

Natasha (Malawi) and Hakeem (Zimbabwe) were also not everyone’s favourite, ranking at three nominations each, the Housemates complained that Natasha seems a bit out of her element while Hakeem talked a lot about himself and never gave others a word in.

Cleo (Zambia) and Biguesas (Angola) each got two nominations as Kokestso (South Africa), Pokello (Zimbabwe), Oneal (Botswana), Beverly (Nigeria), Maria (Namibia) and Sulu (Zambia) all got away with one nomination each.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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