Monday, May 27, 2013

Sulu Putting The Moves On Koketso?

“You are cute,” these are the words that purred out of, Zambian charmer, Sulu’s lips as he was chatting up South African beauty Koketso.

The young Rubies lass blushed at the remark and responded by saying, “Thank you, I appreciate it”. While the rest of the Housemates were outside working on their first Task, the twosome spent a little quality time together in the kitchen conversing with one another.

As soon as she heard the roaring laughter, chitter chatter and singing going on outside where the rest of the Housemates were, Koketso started to sing along and looked ready to join the rest of the Rubies. Sulu on the other hand seemed more interested in staying in the kitchen and continuing the deep conversation with the young law student than joining the rest of their Housemates.

Is this a case of two fellow Housemates getting to know one another better or could it be that Sulu has already found the girl that he wants to chase?

By Lihle


  1. Yes yes yes yes

  2. Koketso is a beauty,she's got the Miss SA peagant grooming. This morning she was still intact - no cracks yet!

  3. Koketso is beautiful in person...hope she focuses on the prize!

  4. It's part of the game...keep the entertainment going to keep u in the house.

  5. Dats a smart guy,but its 2 early for dat.zulu

  6. Could be but i think he should take his time.