Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tanzanian Diva Confesses 'Love At First Sight' For Prezzo

Prezzo's alleged new lady love, Tanzanian radio host Diva, Loveness Love, has confessed her feelings for the self-proclaimed King of Bling, and says it was "love at first sight" for her.

The Clouds FM radio presenter told us that she first met the rapper when he was in Dar es Salaam recently for a private performance.

"I met him when he was in Tanzania for a pool party and I had an interview with him and I confess it was love at first sight. I was shy. I am such a shy person in real life too but it was like OMG, this guy man."

Only a few photos of the two have so far been released, while Prezzo visited the Diva at her studio, during a joint interview with Kenyan songstress Avril.

The CMB rapper has only just bounced back and last week had his first performance in Tanzania since the tragic death of his former girl and BBA housemate Goldie Harvey on 14 February.

"Prezzo is such a sweetheart and he is so nice and caring and lovely. He has everything that I really need in a man, he is good hearted. #TeamPrezzo100%... Tanzanians love him and I love him from the bottom of my heart," Diva adds.

The well-known radio DJ is fond of everything about Prezzo apart from his blonde hair, and she hopes their relationship grows.

"I don't believe in long distance relationship but the feelings I have for him, it's so deep."

The Kenyan rapper has not spoken about the perceived relationship, but he has tweeted about being #TeamDiva.

By Laura Walubengo

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