Friday, May 31, 2013

Task: Airtel Arena Showdown

How would you feel if you play the game knowing who you are competing with for the same country vote?

Well, in the Housemates' Arena task(Airtel Showdown), Big Brother for the first time made Housemates meet and know who they are competing with for the same country vote. The task(Airtel Arena Showdown)  was intended to find  out the two Housemates to be swapped to the other House.

Airtel Arena Showdown kicked off on a happy note as Housemates looked moody, ready to compete and win. The chasers were required to go through a simple maze, get the balls and fill the Cylinder. The showdown was to end as soon as the first cylinder is filled.

To make this work faster and fill the cylinder, Housemates employed a strategy of carrying the balls in their pants which was a success to the Boys but proved a failure when Huddah tried to carry some balls from her Bikini!

As the showdown came to and end, the Diamonds were announced victorious as they filled their cylinder before the Rubies. This implies that Diamond’s HOH Feza will have to choose the two Housemates to be swapped for  two others from the other House.

Who do you think she’ll choose? Stay tuned.

By Deogratius09

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