Monday, May 27, 2013

Task: Kings Of Fire

Housemates were filled with excitement as soon as they heard the voice of Biggie ringing through the House.

It has only been a few hours since the 28 Housemates entered the Big Brother Africa Rubies and Diamonds Houses and already they have been given their first Task. Housemates had to go out in the garden where there was five crowns and five chairs next to the fire place.

The Housemates had to start a fire with wood given to them and five of them had to put on the crowns and sit on the chairs and keep the fire burning.

At any given time, a Housemate with a crown can ask a Housemate without a crown to trade places with them and that Housemate is not allowed to say no.

This Task has no time limit and only Biggie can decide when to end it and if any of the chairs remain empty for longer than a minute then the Task is failed.

Big Brother also took used this opportunity to give The Chasers a warm welcome, telling them to: “Relax and enjoy the night and use this opportunity to get to know each other better”, ahead of tomorrow night’s Eviction Nominations.

By Lihle

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