Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Task: Let's Have A Quickie

Can two minutes really change your life? That is what the Diamonds had the chance to find out this evening.

As part of this week’s speed dating Task, the Housemates headed out in the garden where they were greeted by a candlelit table. On one side of the table were seven hearts indicating where the ladies should sit on the opposite side of the table were seven roses indicating where the gents were to be seated.

Every guy and girl had a chance to have a two minutes long date with each other. At the end of the date the female gives the male a rating out of ten, one being bad and ten being good. Diamond House ladies’ men, Bolt and Denzel looked to be having the women eating out of their hands. In between his dates with the other ladies Bolt still found the time to squeeze in some kisses with his main squeeze Betty.

During her mini date with Denzel, Huddah revealed that she wants a man with money but then she “I am gold digger,” she said. When he queried her further on this, the young Kenyan quickly retracted the statement and said that she was just joking. Hmmm… Really, Huddah?
Meanwhile over in the Ruby House ‘Mr Nice Guy’ Oneal showed his tender side to the ladies by talking about his son and he also shared that he is looking for a religious woman. Big baller, LK4 turned on the charms with his American accent and bombastic words.

But unfortunately for the Housemates they will have to wait until tomorrow to find out the ladies’ scoring of the guys are.

Which of the guys do you think will get the highest scores?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Angelo he is best

  2. O'Neal,Hakeem,Angelo and Nando

  3. HakEem and bolt

  4. Angelo you rock bra......South Africa is behind you........