Monday, May 13, 2013

The Hottest Big Brother Africa Seasons So Far

Welcome to our imaginary, epic Season vs Season showdown!

If it's a little couch combat you're after, step into our virtual lounge and offer your opinion on which Big Brother Africa season has offered the hottest entertainment so far.

Yes, there will always be twists and tasks, hot housemates and heroes, dating and drama, and more than enough ego, but which season has offered up the perfect mix of all these ingredients and delivered the hottest Big Brother cocktail yet?

With it's loaded title, Big Brother 8: The Chase, will certainly be a contender for the title, but until it's launch on Sunday 26 May we'll have to make do with what's already happened over the last seven seasons.

Here’s our list of the Top 5 seasons, feel free to disagree with us and debate your favourite.

We've ranked them from least hottest at #5 to off the charts at #1.

#5. Season 1

#4. Amplified (Season 6)

#3. Season 3

#2. Season 2

#1. StarGame (Season 7)

By Lebogang Tsele / DStv Online


  1. As 4 me big brother amplified 6 is d shld b rated number 1

  2. Big brother amplified still remain d best and d hottest.stargame is not even in my list of top 5. Amplified raised d bar and made stargame look worthless