Friday, June 07, 2013

Airtel Showdown: Rubies Outshine The Diamonds

They came, they saw, they conquered!

The sweet taste of victory lingered on the lips of the Rubies this evening after they wiped the floor with the Diamonds in this week’s Airtel Showdown. After suffering a heavy loss in last week’s showdown the Rubies made a glorious return to the Airtel Showdown Arena looking more determined than ever and their determination clearly paid off.

Today’s showdown saw the Housemates having to transfer water from a mini plastic pool into a plastic cylinder using only a towel to transfer the water. The Rubies were the first to fill up their cylinder, making them the victors of the day.

Now that the Ruby House has won, HoH Selly has the daunting task of having to pick two Housemates in each House to swap. Last week it was Diamond House’s Feza that had to make the swap - the results of her choices have had emotional repercussions in both Houses.

Which Housemates do you think Selly will choose to swap?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. She's going to send Keketso packing cause she hates her but all it is well the mighty loves us all

  2. Biggie ur being partial ooooh! Wat happend to d SWAP??