Friday, June 28, 2013

Airtel Showdown: Rubies Rule!

Defeat was not an option for the Rubies today!

For this week's Airtel Challenge, Big Brother placed a water container leaking water. Housemates were given two minutes to start building a pipeline on the structure, leading to their empty water pool.

The Rubies channeled the water to the empty drum like true professionals and left the Diamonds to struggle with their pipe. The Rubies filled their drum the fastest, with Elikem playing a big role in the win. When the Rubies saw that victory was within grasp, everyone started cheering Elikem on until the water started filling the Ruby pool. When the pool started overflowing, the gang broke out into loud cheers.

This result means Ruby Head of House, Feza, has the power to swap Housemates of her choice. The Tanzanian will send two Rubies to the Diamond House and will also bring in two Diamonds to the Ruby House.

By Ngeti Dlamini

1 comment:

  1. had wanted Melvin to be swapped to ruby but for him winning HOH. Feza will have dropped Oneal like its hot in a second. what a shame