Friday, June 07, 2013

Angelo Finally Reacts To Expectations

In Biggie’s House there is always expectations, whether you’re conservative or an extrovert, you are expected to be something or the other. It’s almost a prerequisite and a large part of the game.

Most of the Diamond Housemates have seen that Angelo and Annabel are getting closer day-by-day and therefore ‘expect’ them to be the new addition to the couples’ list but this doesn’t seem to be happening soon enough.

As Angelo sat outside in the garden,he told Bimp how much he hated Annabel for swearing at him yesterday for no reason. “When I went to ask her why she swore at me, she just said she was angry,” he said. He attributed Annabel’s behavior to the fact that she’s trying to get over her dad and admits that they come from two different worlds, hence the tension.

Angelo was very confused when Dillish came to him and said that he should’ve read between the lines, meaning he should have seen that Annabel likes him. In his defense, Angelo said that he expected her to come to him and tell him what she was feeling and not play guessing games.

A concerned Hakeem stepped up to Annabel and asked her what the problem was and she casually said that she said all those things to Angelo out of anger thus insinuating that she didn’t mean to hurt him in any way. You guys should just hook up and get it over with, this tension is unnecessary.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Mhm sh*t is happening neh. But jah it will be good if they hook up

  2. Ds guys dey stop plyn lyk lower primary kids . Etha Angelo o Annabel shud mek a muv

  3. Annabel is trying,problem is Angelo. He must read a lady's mind.

  4. Hey, it takes two to tangle. Annabel could have a thing for Angelo, but what if he does not feel same way about her? The guy's got the right to his choice please.