Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Angelo Is Quite The Choreographer

At the crack of dawn, while the other Ruby Housemates were still in dreamland, South African choreographer, Angelo, did his morning exercises before showcasing his skills as a renowned dancer, to no audience of course.

Starting off his routine, he stretched his legs for a few minutes, making sure that they are well prepared for the intense dance moves he has clearly come to master. He later suggested that the Ruby House put together a dance routine together as a team as part of their collective creativity for their presentation.

Angelo is a well-known South African choreographer who has travelled all over Africa, conducting workshops with other dancers and has worked on a few television projects that have earned him the reputation he owns today. Being in the Big Brother House has seen him miss his profession hence this morning’s workout.

Time in Biggie’s House is never a wasted, if anything he’s destined for more gigs. So keep at it Angelo, you need to be fit when you get to the outside.

Video: Showing off skills!

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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