Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Big Brother Wild!

The Housemates went on the prowl early this morning, at Big Brother's instructions of course.

When the king of the jungle speaks, the rest of the forest critters either obey or get eaten - or in Big Brother Africa's case - lose their Wager. That's the circle of life dear friends, Big Brother Africa style.

This morning, the Ruby and Diamond Housemates were given a rude awakening as this week’s wildly awesome Task continued in earnest. Clad in their animal headgear, the Wildmates got into the swing of things like only they can.

Sulu was the first to walk to the patio after the Wild Run announcement was made. The Zambian looked to be in good spirits as he bellowed out loud, while strutting like a peacock in the garden. We blame Selly's seriously sexy lap dance for Sulu's good mood. If you missed it, see all the eye-popping action here.

After a couple of unsuccessful attempts at rolling out of bed, the rest of the Rubies finally managed to join the Zambian out in the morning sun. Very soon, the garden resembled the infamous 'Running of the Bulls' in Spain. Biggie's Wildmates ran through the garden as if possessed and then proceeded to charge through the House in single file.

After about 30 minutes of calorie burning, Big Brother then ordered the Housemates to take a much needed breather.

No beasts of burden over here!

By Ngeti Dlamini

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