Saturday, June 01, 2013

Biggie's Big Surprise!

The Housemates were pleasantly surprised when yummy treats were handed to them.

Big Brother sure knows how to spoil the Housemates. This afternoon, there were smiles all round when Big Brother surprised both the Diamonds and Ruby Housemates with yummy picnic treats to celebrate the 50th year of Kenya's Independence.

Kenyan girls Huddah and Annabel were naturally the most excited, as they led the way to the Store Room where the treats were stored. When the Store Room had been emptied, the Housemates turned the garden into a noisy picnic spot where laughter abounded.

Huddah was taken by the moment at some point and stood up to sing Kenya's national anthem. Some of her fellow Housemates joined in but ditched her halfway because they did not know the words.

The mood in the House has lifted without a doubt and it looks like we could be in for a massive treat during tonight's eagerly anticipated party.

Which Contestant would you like to see packing their bags this Sunday and who deserves to stay? Betty, Selly, Denzel, Natasha and Huddah are all up for Eviction this week.

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By Ngeti Dlamini