Sunday, June 23, 2013

'Bolt You Need A Leash' - Pokello

We all know that Sierre Leonean big man Bolt is a bully and that he’s gotten away with a lot of things in both the Diamond and Ruby House. We often wonder how Betty handles this over opinionated man or whether she likes men that dominate.

While the Rubies were individually compiling their list of groceries as they usually do, Bolt, Pokello, Fatima and Elikem were chatting when Bolt burst out something that might have triggered something in Pokello. As a result, she told him that he is a genuine bully and that he could never survive with a woman like her.

“You need a woman that’ll put you on a short leash,” she said straight to him. Of course Bolt was not fazed by this statement, especially coming from a woman like Pokello. Clearly Bolt is very content with his relationship with Ethiopian beauty Betty because she obviously does everything for him. If anything, Bolt is on a very long leash.

To make matters worse, Bolt farted again and accused Elikem as the culprit. Pokello and Feza were none too pleased about this especially after the Housemates had spoken to Bolt about his ill mannerisms. The man refuses to change his bad habits and it might count against him tonight.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. bolt need to exit this show really,bullying ather pple is so not allowed and his farting habit a so annoying,he need to grow

  2. Bolt u going home tonight

  3. Bolt is going no where haters go hug transformer

  4. Bolt is a player he is trying to avoid Betty at d'dieing minute

  5. Stupid bolt, only to hide chocolate n drinks