Sunday, June 23, 2013

Breaking News: Diamonds In The Ruby House

That Biggie, he is just always so full of surprises. This evening he gave a wonderful treat to all of the Housemates, when he permitted the Diamonds to party inside of the Ruby House.

For the first time in The Chase history all of the Diamonds, even those that have never been swapped before, had the opportunity to step inside the Ruby walls. This surprising turn of events came after the Housemates' Channel O Party where things took a turn for the wild. After that the Housemates were given a chance to enjoy an hour long after party together in the Ruby House.

This twist in the game made way for some turbulent reunions this evening. Selly who has been growing closer to Nando since moving into the Diamond House tried to smooth things over with her ex-flirt buddy Sulu. “I am going to come back Friday. I miss you so much,” she professed. But Sulu was not interested in hearing her smooth talk, “I don’t need you to come back,” he chirped. Ouch!

But all good things must come end. And just like Cinderella the fairy-tale Ruby/ Diamond union came to end at the struck of midnight.

What do you think of Biggie's surprise Ruby House after party?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Biggie you have total packages always. You de too much.Biggie up yourself!

  2. i think biggy was trying to show the diamonds house mates who never saw the ruby house what they are missing when the refuse to be swapped

  3. Maria said her father abused her. Is it why she is so insensetive. She use to push Bev to persue LK4 irrespective of Koketso being there..heatless! Now she sleeps in Melvin's bed knowing that he and Delish have an eye for each other destroying their chances...SELFISH and acting sweet but evil inside.

    1. Mydear! Maria is worth dan Natasha or selly.she is evil n wouldn't last long.Am Glad melvin looks at her like she is a firewood on his bed hahahahaha I love dat Guy!

  4. Angelo has a very beautiful girlfriend me don't think he is serious about Maria.

  5. Has Nando been in a relationship before Oh he is so funny poor Selly hahaha!

  6. Ow Biggie I wish to meet u 1 day

  7. Wat a luvly party they had yesterday!

  8. I liked maria @ d beging but now I hate her wt passion.Delish is her best frnd but she plays her in her strategy n delish told her yesterday are u sure we are still best frnds? Cos isn't happy d way maria is forcing hersef on melvin.Hey Africa I pity Melvin cos all d Girls wants him but I trust him cos he is handling it well so far! Beverly tanks u made my 9t so swt. Africa wasup wt Hakeem n Cleo? Cos I senced beef.