Friday, June 28, 2013

Chemistry Between Pokello and Elikem

So as the Ruby Housemates went to sleep, one-by-one and others two-by-two, there was another couple downstairs giving us something to wonder. Pokello and Elikem just couldn’t help themselves this evening, they were just in their own world and Bolt caught it all on the Go Pro camera.

It started off very subtly you’d swear the two were enemies. On the one side you have the ever-guarded and Pokello, who’s highly moral and clearly likes this man and the things he says to her. Then you have a man who’s not really trying to give up this feisty woman but is willing to remain friend zoned for now. I can see the dilemma here but what I’d like to know is how long are they going to keep this up?

Anyone can see that they both really like each other but tonight they made us think they really want each other. Look at the way they were carrying on on the couch, right next to Bolt who was capturing all of it on the Go Pro camera Pokello had given him, with a smirk on his face. This is the same Bolt who took a bet with Elikem to play Pokello. This seemed the perfect opportunity for their plan. Watch your back Pokello, the flirtation will soon be a thing of the past.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Okay now they playing ma gal!!9ome on nooow,seriouslyyyyyyy!!but either way POKELLO u shuld go home ur son is waiting for uuu,nd natashaa ur business needs u tooo

  2. Elikem is an ametuer, he can't outplay pokello,she reads between the lines and she is a fastthinker, I think she is da one who is playing wis deir minds and she will confuse dem mooooo, mark my words

  3. Both Elikem and Bolt are fools. They think they knw Pokello they will get the shock of their lives. I'm telling u. Pokello is a very intelligent girl no one I mean no one in the BBA house can ever play or try to trick her.

  4. Pokello is smart to be outdone by these two (Elikem and Bolt)fools...