Thursday, June 13, 2013

Crush Date: Cleo and Hakeem Rendezvous 2.0

Cupid came flying into the Big Brother House, this evening armed heavily with some love bows and arrows aimed at the Housemates hearts.

It is evident that we are not the only ones that think Cleo and Hakeem make a cute couple, The Chase Housemates clearly feel the same way too.

This evening the Zambian beauty was once again announced as the person that the got the most crushes from the Diamond House. She was then called into the Diary Room and afforded the opportunity to pick the person that she wishes to enjoy a romantic rendezvous with. No surprises for who the Zambian lass picked, it was of course her boo thing Hakeem.

And now the two will go on their second date. Their last rendezvous together saw the saucy pair sharing a passionate first kiss; we can't wait to see what their second date will lead to.

Video: I want Hakeem

By Lihle Jacobs

1 comment:

  1. I'm getting bored with these two. There's no way they will win this game just going on rendevous every week. Hakeem talks about cleo as if he never had a relationship before coming to big brother's house. Crying every now and then. What real man behaves like that? Very fake and dumb strategy. Just like Munya, he won't win this money. Watch this space!