Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Crushing Mostly On Biguesas?

This evening’s Crush Wall presented a shocker of note. Most of the Rubies voted for Biguesas as their crushes. He got at least four votes on the Crush Wall. Could this be for real or is there a plan brewing amongst Biguesas’ Housemates without him knowing?

A close second on the Crush Wall was Tanzanian diva, Feza from the Diamond House, who voted for Oneal as her crush. Sulu, who had also voted for Feza, who voted for Oneal as her crush. went to Oneal and told him that he voted for Feza so Oneal and her can go on a date together. Bassey overheard this conversation and asked Oneal whether he wanted to go on a date with Feza. Oneal brushed off Bassey’s question. Could Sulu be foreseeing a love connection between the two?

In the Diamond House, Melvin and Nando were the only people who voted for Selly as their crush. I don’t like speculating but I think the Nigerian hunk might be eying the beautiful HoH, hence his vote.

Beverly voted for Neyll? What a revelation! Hakeem is still crushing hard on his love, Cleo, so his vote went straight to her. No guesses as to who Annabel voted for, it was Angelo of course. But surprise, surprise, Bolt is crushing on Cleo? Wow! However, Biguesas still takes the cake for the biggest crush shocker.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. bolt don make yoself a fool!!! use yo brains!!!!!!

    1. Swiry! Dats wat biggie wants.he will even lik to put cleo n someone in dat room to create trouble n dats **The Chase** 4u! After all Cleo voted 4 bigusesa as her Crush! Hahaha dis game,shaking my head.

  2. Hakeem voted cleo n she voted Bigusaes! I knew cleo was playing Game on Hakeem.But he will feel bad if dumped.