Saturday, June 08, 2013

Daybreak: The Chase Gets Even More Interesting

Biggie has introduced a new task called ‘The Power of No’ which will afford a lucky Housemate the opportunity to deny another Housemate the opportunity to participate in the next Head of House Task.

Whoever wins the Task will be called to the Diary Room right before the Head of House challenge begins, to tell Big Brother who they would like to banish from participating. Things are getting heated up.

The Housemates were requested to and pick a card on a table set up in the garden, Beverly and Dillish will not be participating. From the Ruby House, Cleo was the winner and Hakeem from the Diamond House.

On other news, our famous Diamond couple, Betty and Bolt, has been getting up to no good, doing the hanky panky in the lounge this morning.

Yesterday’s HoH swap has shaken things up in the two Houses, the Housemates in both Houses spent the night plotting and discussing the manipulators in the game. The former Rubies (Beverly, Biguesas, Hakeem) want to find a way to get Natasha to the Diamond House so that they can get rid of her. Angelo settled in well in the Ruby House, he already looks to be getting along with the Housemates. Elikem has been keeping to himself.

This morning our Chasers seem to be tired and are squeezing in a few more hours of sleep, some probably dreaming of the 300 000 USD to be won, come end August.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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