Saturday, June 15, 2013

Daybreak: Elikem and His Women

One thing has become clear in Big Brother The Chase; that Elikem and his Ghanaian charms have the women eating out of his hands.

From the start of The Chase, the hunky Ghana man has had no shortage of ladies tripping over themselves to be with him. In the Diamond House he first chased after Feza's affections but when he saw that the Tanzanian was a slow mover he quickly moved on to Fatima who was more than willing to be his consolation lover. And the two heated thing up in the Diamond House until the gent was moved to Ruby House. While the two Diamond ladies sat pinning over him, Elikem looked to have forgotten all about them in the Ruby House as he shamelessly indulged in some flirtation with Selly before finding himself a bed-mate in Pokello.

But yesterday both Feza and Fatima were moved to the Ruby House and the question on everybody’s mind was, “Who will be the chosen one”? It looked as if that question had been answered when Elikem woke up this morning snuggled up in bed with Fatima. But then a short while later he had Selly in his bed for an intimate chat where he told his fellow Ghanaian, “I would never do anything to betray you. Trust me, everything I do is for a reason and if you give me a chance then I can explain”.

Whoa, hold up, what does “everything I do is for a reason” mean? Is Elikem playing Fatima or is he just trying to smooth talk HoH Selly? When it comes to this Ruby player there is just no telling what is true and what is not anymore.

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. He is just playing the game, he is not inlove with any of them, stop this false rumour, not when he talk with any lady u will conclude he is having an affair with her, laying on the same bed doesn't constitute dating. The name of the game is CHASE

  2. W@ a real player, I wonder If he's gonna fit in a ground, and which position he would play this idiot player, I guess he'd be suitable for being a DEFENDER of national team in Ghana. Bigy can you please take this player to the private room and ask him what is he up to... He realy confuse us!

    1. they r really confusing me..

  3. must everyone hook up when they come to the house...ah ah...make una not make this game boring ooo, cant someone just be nice without the blogger concluding they r flirting...i like melvin n elikems game so far, as for selly, she knows whats-up

  4. Its indeed the CHASE..

  5. elikem d game let c how long u wil last

  6. he's playing d game.

  7. Pokello told Elikem he cant handle her, Feza told him he is a small boy n has he so far proposed to anyone? let the poor boy be, which man wud want to be with a woman that feels big above him....what Elikem wants is someone who will respect him as a man....n if Fatima is doing that why not.....