Monday, June 24, 2013

Daybreak: Feza and Oneal Kiss Kiss

What better way is there to spend a chilly winter’s morning than by cuddling and smooching under covers with your gorgeous lover? None.

And this is just what Feza and Oneal were thinking when the Ruby pair decided to spend the wee hours of the morning playing tonsil hockey together while wrapped around each other tighter than a cobra on a mongoose. Woo hoo, the usually coy Ruby twosome is shy no more about their attraction to each other.

They continued to spend the morning snuggled under covers while offloading their concern over Evictions and the impending Nominations to each other. “Poor Betty and Motamma,” Oneal mused. “I am not ready for tomorrow’s Nominations,” Feza confessed to her man. “You will be okay dear,” he consoled. After which the two drew the blankets over their heads and continued to lock lips. Talk about steaming things up!

What do you think about Feza and Oneal smooching?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Both are players. Is jos 4d nomination swap.feza said she still want Melvin n who eva brings him here wen oneal is still in d house hav killd her cos she will alwayz spend time wt melvin n oneal wouldn't like it.drama! Plz u ladies kip chasing Melvin while he chase d Cash. Melvin ur my best!

  2. I wish thy wll bring Melvin 2 Ruby house so we cn see how much Feza loves Oneal.just Love Melvin,very responsible,a guy wth a good heart who knws hw 2 treat ladies wthout messing up himself.thy shuld just end dt chase & gv Melvin d not a Nigeria but I wll vot 4 him any day he cms up 4 Eviction

  3. Nice couple, I like them