Thursday, June 06, 2013

Daybreak: Fitness Task Too Much?

Uh-oh, is the physical strain of this week’s Fitness Task becoming too much for the Housemates to handle?

It is certainly starting to look like it. “We need to rest. If we don’t eat properly and rest we won’t recover,” cautioned Neyll to his fellow Rubies, who looked worn down. Everyone in the Ruby House looked to share the Angolan’s sentiments. As soon as their personal trainer came into the House to wake them up for their morning exercise, Sulu chirped: “Dude we are f**ked up". Oneal concurred with his statement as he quickly added “We need to rest”.

But the trainer was not having it, “I know,” he retorted before marching them into the garden. Bigeusas was the only one that outright refused to work out as he lay in bed and claimed to be sick. It’s hard to tell with the Angolan as the Housemates have previously called him out on his laziness. So is he genuinely sick or he was just crying wolf? Hmm…

Let’s hope that the Rubies will have their energies rejuvenated in time for their photo-shoot at tonight’s Task presentation; there is a 100% Wager at risk after all.

By Lihle Jacobs

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